Botox For The Hair Zap Ztox Macadamia And Chia 950g


Btox Ztox Macadamia Oil & Chia Mask 950g - Zap Professional
ZTOX PROFESSIONAL is a treatment system that promotes unmatched shine, restores the beauty of hair and fixes repair elements in damaged areas of hair by combining actives such as Amino Acids, Silicones, Panthenol, Macadamia Oil and Chia. Keeps hair treated longer.
Suggested Use:
1 - With the hair already clean and slightly damp, apply the Ztox Professional mask evenly over the length of the hair, gloving and massaging the tips from the root;
2 - Let it act for 20 minutes;
3 - Make a pre brush, pranche strand by strand;
4 - Rinse and finish as desired.

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