Cadiveu Bossanova Maxi Ondas Instant Hair Waves Activator 215ml


Cadiveu Professional Bossa Nova Maxi Ondas
Long Lasting Hair Waves Activation
Without Rinsing
With Cationic Bio Aminoacids
Cadiveu Bossa Nova is an instant wave activator for all hair, especially unruly, shapeless, smooth without chemicals and curly. The Maxi Ondas Bossa Nova Activator provides maximum definition, control and protection to the wires.

It has the Eco Friendly seal of production that fully respects nature!

Palm Oil from the Amazon: They have moisturizing, nourishing and disciplining properties, resulting in controlled and defined hair for much longer.

Cationic Polymers: They favor the formation of waves and curls without frizz, sealing capillary cuticles and ensuring mirrored shine.
How to use
Cadiveu Professional Bossa Nova Maxi Ondas
Application Council
After washing and conditioning your hair with Bossa Nova Shampoo and Bossa Nova Conditioner, gently remove excess water from the hair with a towel. Spray the wave activator from the length to the ends of the strands still damp, knead or shape curls with your fingers. Let it dry naturally or dry with the help of a dryer with diffuser, those ideal for curly hair. With dry wires, you can also proceed with a curling iron so that the wavy shape is more marked and lasting.
Your hair gains waves and sensual curls, shiny and very soft to the touch!

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