Cadiveu Sol do Rio Beach Waves For Curly Hair 215ml


Cadiveu Professional Sol do Rio Beach Waves
Leave On For Sheen and Wave Hair
With Coconut Water and 21 Aminoacids
For All Hair Types
Texturizing spray for all hair types. Cadiveu Professional Sol do Rio Beach Waves creates waves of beach effect with movement, softness and UV protection and anti-pollution in the wires.
Cadiveu Professional Sol do Rio Beach Waves leaves the hair with the natural look by providing loose waves, as if it had just come out of a dip in the sea, without them being rough or with a dry appearance. While texturing, its formula preserves softness and shine with an anti-pollution shield for beautiful, sensual and healthy hair at the same time.
21 amino acids and coconut water: combination of guarantees the resistance and elasticity of the strands against aggressions and breakage, in addition to providing softness and shine.
How to use
Application Council
Apply texturizing spray at a distance of 20 centimeters from damp hair and knead the strands with your hands. Let it dry naturally or use the dryer or curling iron.
Hair with natural waves and with balance, soft and shiny.

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