Forever Liss Platinum Blond Hair Mask Conditioner 1Kg


The Forever Liss Platinum Blond Tinting Mask promotes deep hydration and repair in the hair fiber leaving the hair totally soft and silky. Increases the natural shine of the hair leaving the hair protected against yellow effects caused by chemical or natural oxidation. Especially suitable for use on blonde, gray and streaked hair, it has in its exclusive formula Grape Rosé and Blueberry polyphenols that together with extremely rich in proteins and vitamins gradually correct the excessively yellowish tones caused by the effects of chemical or natural oxidation. to protect blond, gray or stray hair from the aggression of the sun and everyday life. Continued use of Forever Liss Platinum Blond Tinting Mask promotes platinum effect, antioxidant action, total hydration, nutrition and hair repair.

- Grape Rose: Complex of Vitamin B and C that fortify the hair and promotes antioxidant effect eliminating the unwanted yellowish in the hair.
- Blueberry: Vitamin B and C complex that protects the hair against the effects of free radicals and its purple color tints the hair, provides intense shine and nutrition to the hair.

How to use:
- After using Platinum Blond Tinting Shampoo, apply Platinum Blond Tinting Mask starting at the tips to near the root.
- Massage and spread the product well with the help of a comb.
- Leave for 5 to 08 minutes and rinse normally, finish as desired.

- Avoid sunning yourself with the tinter in your hair.
- If the hair is very yellow or orange use the product up to 3 times a week.
01 - Forever Liss Platinum Blond  Mask 1Kg

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