Inoar Blends Collection Vegan Shampoo And Conditioner 1000ml


 Inoar Collection Blends Duo Vegan
Enriched with C Vitamin, the Inoar Collection Blends  moisturizes the threads to rescue the malleability, with a lot of shine and softness.
 Inoar Collection Blends  treats hair during your daily personal care routine. Thus, it manages to return the healthy and beautiful aspect of the hair while protecting it from dryness and external aggressions.
Inoar Blends Collection - Shampoo 1000ml: cleans and increases shine and softness.
Inoar Blends Collection - Conditioner 1000ml: detangles and deeply hydrates.
Vitamin C, Coconut Oils, Avocado and Argan: rich in fatty acids, amino acids and antioxidant actives, they deeply moisturize to provide intense shine, softness and suppleness.
How to use
Application Council
Apply shampoo to damp hair, especially on the root and massage. Rinse. If necessary, repeat the procedure.
Then, pass the conditioner, lock by lock, in length and wet ends. Rinse and finish as desired.
Your hair is clean, untangled, hydrated, shiny and soft.

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