Inoar Doctor Hair Nursing Mask 250g


Inoar Doctor
Nourishing mask for all hair types. Inoar Doctor restores the lipids in the hair and provides silkiness.
With a formula rich in essential oils and butters, Inoar Doctor Nutrition Mask helps to return nutrients, softens the surface of the hair fiber and also contributes to the deep hydration of the hair. It also promotes a treatment that leaves hair with radiant shine, softness and resistance.
Argan oil: produced from the seeds of the Argan tree, native to Morocco, valued for its nutritional, cosmetic and medicinal properties.
Cocoa Butter: adds shine and hydration.
Murumuru butter: deeply hydrates, nourishes and helps to control volume.
Coconut Oil: rich in fatty acids, nourishes, strengthens and moisturizes the hair. Avoid frizz and give discipline.
Vitamin E: it has antioxidant properties, that is, it prevents cells from aging by freeing them from free radicals.
Ceramides: soften, give resistance and protect the surface of the threads.
How to use
Inoar Doctor
Application Council
With clean hair, wipe off excess water with a towel before applying the nutrition mask. Distribute the product in the palm of your hand. Then apply on the length and ends of the hair. Spread evenly across the strands, strand by strand. Leave on for 5 to 10 minutes and then rinse well.
Your hair is frizz free and healthy looking.

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