Maria Escandalosa Professional Progressive Brush 2 x 300ml


Maria Escandalosa Professional Progressive Brush

The Maria Escandalosa Progressive Brush Antifrizz treatment is the perfect combination of the best. Its formula is composed by the combination of Hydrolyzed Keratin, Macadamia Oils, Argan and Ojon, agents rich in emollient properties with high hydrating and nourishing action, all together with a set of antioxidant actives with high smoothing power. Maria Escandalosa Progressive Brush has high performance and quick application. The result is smooth, more resistant hair, shine and balance.

How to use Maria Scandalous Progressive brush

Apply Maria Escandalosa Shampoo on wet hair, evenly distributing it. Massage gently, without rubbing the scalp, then rinse. After washing your hair, dry it 100% with the aid of the dryer. Separate the hair into parts and apply the Maria Escandalosa Progressive Brush product from the root to the entire length of the hair, starting at the nape, leave half an inch away from the scalp. Leave on for 15 to 25 minutes. With the product still in the hair, dry 100%, make a good brush and plank 10 to 15 times in thin strands, then wash and finish as desired. It is not necessary to keep the product in the hair after finishing.

Results Progressive Brush Maria Escandalosa

- Straight hair with a lot of balance
- Realigned and completely loose wires
- outrageously beautiful shine
- End of unwanted frizz
Professional Use.

Important tips:

In case of blond, discolored or damaged hair, use the board with a temperature below 190 ° C to avoid damaging the fiber.

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