Maria Escandalosa Progressive Brush Organic 2 x 1000ml


Maria Escandalosa Progressive Brush Without Formaldehyde
Progressive Maria Escandalosa Without Formol comes with a new ally in straightening the hair. Its formula contains Hydrolyzed Keratin, which treats the threads from the inside out, helping in capillary reconstruction, donating strength and alignment to the hair, promoting an absolute smooth effect and intense repair of the threads.
Its unique formula with 0% formaldehyde, thus guaranteeing the health of the client and the professional hairdresser.
Maria Escandalosa Progressive Brush Without Formol also has a Blend of Natural Extracts such as Argan Oil, Keratin, moisturizing agents and an Oil Blend, together providing deep hydration and restoration to the hair, promoting a shielding by sealing the cuticles.
Progressive Maria Escandalosa does not contain formaldehyde and is compatible with any type of chemistry.
Maria Escandalosa Progressive Brush Without Formol provides hydration, UV protection, softness, shine and best of all straight hair and without the so unwanted Frizz.
How to Use Progressive Brush Maria Escandalosa Without Formaldehyde
After washing your hair with the Maria Escandalosa Anti Residue Shampoo, remove excess water from your hair and do a pre-drying.
Debt in 6 parts and start the application at the nape, respecting the half centimeter of the scalp. Let it act for 45 minutes with a plastic cap and rinse.
Then dry the strands with the aid of a dryer and plank in thin strands 8 to 15 times each strand.
Finish as you wish.
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