Novex Collagen Infusion Ultra Deep Treatment 400g


The Novex Collagen Infusion Treatment Cream is perfect for keeping your hair healthy, smooth and very shiny. Its intensive formula penetrates the hair fiber, recovering all the strength and vitality of the hair.
Are your hair porous and dull? Imagine now, totally involving them in an association of 100% vegetable collagen, amino acids and proteins? Novex Collagen Infusion Treatment Cream: treated, sealed, shone!
With Collagen extracted from Senegal acacia, a plant typical of Africa, besides having a formula released without sulfate, parabens, silicone and petrolatum, it is totally vegan.
100% vegetable collagen, amino acids and proteins.
- Hydration, treatment, nutrition and an increase of up to 23% in the diameter of the wires and up to 80% in brightness *;
- Result in 3 minutes;
- Conditioning action. Penetrates the wire;
- PH 3.4;
- Vegan product;
- Not tested on animals;
- Formula released without sulfate, parabens, silicone and petrolatum;
How to use:
1- After washing your hair with Vitay Collagen Infusion Shampoo, remove excess water with a towel.
2- Apply small amounts of the product, gluing strand by strand, in length and ends.
3- Let it act for 3 minutes, rinse and finish with the Conditioner Treatment Novex Collagen Infusion.

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