ZAP CollagenoPlastia Brush Progressive Kit 2 x 1000ml

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Zap Cosméticos - Brush Progressive CollagenoPlastia 
CollagenoPlastia is an ideal treatment for you to rejuvenate your hair, enriched with Collagen and Keratin, provides the hair with magnificent shine, flexibility, strengthening, softness, hydration and alignment. It is an ideal treatment to care for hair that is brittle, lifeless and damaged.
- Promotes intense cleaning for the hair, removes all accumulated residues that leave the hair opaque, heavy and lifeless, through the opening of cuticles, preparing the threads for absolute treatment
- Specially developed to provide an intense treatment to your hair, it reconstructs the entire hair fiber, providing alignment in the wires with natural effect. Rich in collagen, it rejuvenates the hair, leaving it stronger, more resistant and protecting the hair from damage caused by excessive chemical procedures.
Suggested use:
1 - With wet hair, apply a sufficient amount of CollagenoPlastia Shampoo, gently massaging the hair, rubbing it in the opposite direction of the cuticles along the entire length of the hair;
2 - Rinse and repeat this process for two more times, observing if there was cuticle opening, rinse thoroughly;
3 - With the hair already cleaned by CollagenoPlastia Shampoo and dried with a dryer, divided into quadrants, apply the CollagenoPlastia Mask evenly over the entire length of the strands, strand by strand, with a fine comb towards the ends;
4 - With a dryer, alternating cold air and hot air, dry the threads and plank completely in thin strands;
5 - Rinse thoroughly.
01 - CollagenoPlastia Deep Cleaning Shampoo - 1000ml;
01 - CollagenoPlastia Hair Mask - 1000ml.

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