Zap Ztox Purple Botox For Hair 950g


Zap Ztox Matiz contains Arginine, Creatine, Cationic Polymers and Hydrolyzed Proteins, which provide intense nutrition, shine and softness, at the same time, which keeps the threads aligned and without frizz.
It is an indicated treatment for blond and bleached hair, providing an incredible smoothness to the strands, in addition to the volume reduction, leaving the strands fully aligned.

Arginine: Natural high active, which directly helps in reducing capillary volume and eliminates frizz in the hair.
Creatine: Promotes complete recovery and repair of the hair fiber, making the hair strong, healthy, nourished and resistant to breakage.
Hydrolyzed Proteins: Provides hydration and complete nutrition to the hair, making hair soft, nourished, hydrated and with intense shine.

1 Capillary Botox Zap Ztox Matiz 950g.

Apply to damp hair evenly spread over the entire length of the strands, let it act for 20 minutes. Rinse the entire product and finish with a pre-brush, flatten the hair in thin strands. Finish as you wish.

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